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Tuesday, December 28 2004

Israeli disaster aid

Here's a nice animated GIF from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on what happened in the Indian Ocean:

The IDF and Israeli agencies have sent numerous aid missions to the region, but except for UPI, none of the major news outlets seems interested in covering this. Instead, AP is preoccupied with IDF painting in the West Bank.

UPDATE: See our communique on this topic. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Vatican newspaper is actually blaming Israel for not doing anything about the disaster!



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Following in the footsteps of their Islamic brethren in Iran, Sri Lankan authorities have refused an Israeli aid delegation. But they're willing to accept aid. That's quite progressive of them. Israelly Cool! has more on the Israeli response. I think... [Read More]

» No Thanks. We'd Rather Die. from Israpundit
Following in the footsteps of their Islamic brethren in Iran, Sri Lankan authorities have refused an Israeli aid delegation. But they're willing to accept aid. That's quite progressive of them. Israelly Cool! has more on the Israeli response. I think... [Read More]



Mentioned in beeb:

Fuck 'em. Let them die. When it has been stated that as many people may die from disease as a result of the disaster than actually died in the actuall event, for these idiots to reject Israeli help because of political reasons I can honestly say and without any loss of morals 'fuck 'em'.

don't knock the paint story! it was very informative!

I wonder if anyone asked the victims if they cared what religion their doctors would be?

Actually, we proudly watched footage today of the Israeli aid team flying out from Tel-Aviv to assist the victims on an ordinary British T.V. station - not cable or satellite. As usual in this kind of catastrophe, all the governments promise aid, but the Iraelis are the first to put it into action. I guess the Arab nations don't know how to do this. They only supply weapons to their "victims".

The Jerusalem Post runs an item on the Vatican newspaper claiming that Israel denied aid to Sri Lanka:

How is that for twisting facts backwards !

I have read many reports from various sources that Sri Lanka did not want any Israeli medical personel in their country, but they were accepting supplies and goods.
What is the final story on this ? Were Israeli doctors and other medical helpers allowed to land on Sri Lanka? Did Israeli doctors go to other countries?

i read in our papers they refused the aid, but this article says the doctors are on their way. i hope so. this would be stupid to deny people the right to care because the doctor is jewish?
how proud i am of israel for this. any arab countries helping their brethern?


I am normally a fan of HonestReporting. However I strongly disagree with today's article, "Israeli Aid, Unreported"

In the mist of one of the worst humanitarian disasters ever, HonestReporting's priority is the level of press Israel is getting! While people have lost their homes and many have lost their entire families HonestReporting is crying fowl because journalists arn't praising Israel enough!

Don't you think there are bigger issues? How self serving to be complaining to journalists that they arn't praising Israel at this moment!!

Gain some perspective!!

And I am disturbed to learn Israel was sending out press releases about their humanitarian efforts. I want my Israel to help because humans are suffering and human need help. Not as a P&R stunt.

HonestReporting, I don't care one bit how much press coverage Israel gets. (Unless they are purposely left out.) I care about the victims. Israel should too and so should HonestReporting.

I find this entirely shameful.

And finally, even if I agreed with this article it is false it its conclusion. Most articles I have read mention only the aid by the large countries like US, EU, Australia, etc. There are many countries that don't get mentioned. (Like Canada who has offered 4 million plus other help.) This is anti-Israel! This isn't a double standard.

Here is a CNN article titled, "Huge aid effort gathers speed". Israel is NOT mentioned. But either is CANADA which is sending money and other aid! There is no conspiracy against Israel!

"Hey did you hear about the earthquakes and Tsunami that hit Asia? Isn't it horrible??"

"Yeah. I heard the death toll is nearing 60,000. That is horrible."

"What? No, I was talking about how Israel is being treated! The horror!! The horror!!".

Can sombody please explain the purpose of this article? I can't see any redeeming qualities other then an extremely self-serving, extremely insensitive and uncaring about the REAL VICTIMS in this. (Guess what, it ain't Israel.)

Reuters gave Israel a mention. I agree with the person who was indignant about the concern for Israel not being mentioned in more news outlets RE: aid. There are a lot more important things to worry about in Asia (and Africa which has kinda been left out of the news).


Yes it is true that in this disaster there are plenty more important issues that Israel giving aid. But Israel is so often in the news (too often for my liking) why for once can't it be something good? Why do the international media always ignores Israel's good deeds?
It is just another example of media bias. And when unchecked it leads people to the believe the lies contained in the articles like that in the Vatican newspaper.

I am proud to be Israeli and it warms my heart enough to hear the Israeli news tell how much aid and how many volunteers we are sending.
But it is still nice to hear SKY news list Israel (as they did last night) as a country giving aid.

We are a small country with a pitiful economy but we still manage to dig deep into our pockets to help both Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and other nationals.
Even when the Israelis delegation was refused entry they took no offence and sent non-governmental volunteers and supplies instead. This makes me very proud.

After the India earthquake in 2001 Israel sent one of the largest aid delegations. This delegation and the aid it provided was invaluable in improving relations between our countries both on a political and a personal level.
It is important that the world hears about Israel's good heart because most of the world sees us as some kind of leech sucking up Jewish and US aid while never offering a helping hand. And this affects their opinion of Jews and Israelis on other issues.
When Israel is just mentioned as an aid giving country it helps dismissed the old stereotypes of Jews and Israeli being insular and clannish. What is so bad with that?

What is VEXING is the lack of BALANCE, when Israel does something "bad" front pagem when she is at her best. . .silence.

I agree with HR, and get a GRIP!! If you cannot understand us, I am sorry, but this pisses me off. I want her on the front page for this. . .so sue me!

ES, I understand your comments.

I posted an article from CNN as an example to show how Canada's contribution wasn't mentioned.

I think people are too quick to cry that they are anti-Israel, when in fact, they might have simply only written about the aid from the larger countries. (Unless the anti-Israel group happens to be anti-Canadian as well.)

Wether or not the journalists are being anti-Israel, some of us have convinced ourselves that they are. (I will gladly and always give them the benefit of the doubt until it is proven otherwise.)

I just find that with all the loss of life and destruction that occured, HonestReporting feels Israel is the victim in all this! It would be as if on 9/11 HonestReporting was complaining that the media wasn't mentioning that some of the technology used in airplanes are made in Israel. I mean, there are bigger priorities at the moment!!!

Perhaps HonestReporting could have contacted the journalists themselves. They certaining didn't need to make a huge fuss out of it and ask people to bombard journalists with complaints.

**** If all we have to complaing about at this moment is a few journalists we are very very lucky!!!!

I hope that above comment really sinks in. Countries have been devistated, families destroyed, lives lost, untold destruction - and all we have to complaing about is a few journalists.

I, for one, would appriciate seeing a bit more compassion and global perspective from HonestReporting.


I think that HR is absolutely right in this. The proof is the item I posted above, showing that among all the death and devastation the Vatican newspaper found space for libel against Israel, as if it was Israel that denied aid to Sri Lanka of its own accord. See

So as you can see, the lack of perspective is not on HR's side.

Thanks for the comments Anat.

Yes the Vatican story is absurd and HonestReporting should take issue with that. Any False libel IS an important item. But HonestReporting was not talking about that Vatican newspaper - that is a seperate issue. HonestReporting is not taking issue with libel, hate, discrimination, etc, etc. They are upset because Israel isn't being praised enought!

And to do this during what is clearly one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters is simply insensitive and selfish. Like a loud-mouth person at a funeral complaining there is not enought egg rolls.

If you read the HonestReporting's communique, it suggests quiet clearly that journalists are purposly ignoring Israel's aid. (Read the wording for yourself.)

I would like to point out that Saudi Arabia has pledged 10 million in aid. And this is hardly reported!!!

I fail to see how Israel is being discrimated against and ignored when Canada wasn't even mentioned in the CNN article, when Sudia Arabia's investment is hardly mentioned in the media, when Qatar and UAE pledge is hardly mentioned, etc, etc.

Yes, more coverage of Israel's aid would be most welcome. But this hardly deserves a communique or a call to bombard journalists with emails.

ES wrote:
"It is important that the world hears about Israel's good heart because most of the world sees us as some kind of leech sucking up Jewish and US aid while never offering a helping hand. And this affects their opinion of Jews and Israelis on other issues."

Yes true. But imagine the hard working journalist who just finished an article which mentioned how aid was promised by US and EU, but didn't mention Israel - (or either Saudia Arabia, or Canada or China, etc.)

Suddently that journalist is bombarded by 500 emails complaining how he wasn't prasing Israel enought. That is unfair. That is hurting our cause. And that is hurting our relationship with journalists. (This was NOT about a libel or hate or lies or biases against Israel. It was simply a matter of not enought praise - which is also true of Sudia Arabia and many other countries.) That does NOT deserve a special communique or bombarding journalists with emails. I believe you have to choose your battles wisely.

A much better alternative would have been for HonestReporting to contact the journalists to just point out Israel's contributions. Why is it that HonestReporting felt that the media outlet's would need a wave of emails?

And finally HonestReporting was wrong to imply or suggest that Israel is purposly being ignored. (They are getting as much coverage as Sudia Arabia, etc.)


I encourage you to update your communique to point out the reality that the aid from many countries like Sudia Arabia is also not receiving much media attention....

To imply that the media is purposly ignoring Israel is wrong and not based on any facts or evidence.

Maybe Noam has a point. So I second his request.

Concerning the Vatican story, it needs checking from the original (rather than the Jpost secondary source I cited). This I was unable to do because my Italian is not good enough for even finding the original. Maybe our Italian friends could help to find this story and check its accuracy.

To be fair, on CNN Tuesday evening, a reporter in India, I believe, did make the remark that "the French and the Israelis are here". But you really had to be listening carefully.

Oh yes, i have keenly followed the story on television here in Nairobi hoping and having a feeling Yisrael is gonna do something but i vain.Thanks to honest reportig i have known. ill air my testimony from honest reporting to our local Christian station when oppurtunity arie.God bless Israel

I doubt that this story got much coverage in the US or Israeli press either, but it is worth noting for the humanity exhibited by many Palestinians despite the hardships and understandable anger over the occupation of their land by Israel . . .

Palestinian couple comes to rescue of Israeli honeymooners hit by quake

Agence France Presse
29 December 2004

JERUSALEM Dec 29-- A pair of Israeli newlyweds described Wednesday how a Palestinian couple came to their rescue during Thailand's tidal wave disaster, paying for them to fly back home after they had lost all their cash.

Yossi and Inbar Gross from Kiryat Gat, an Israeli town close to Tel Aviv, and Samy and Sally Khuri, from east Jerusalem, were staying in the same hotel in the island resort of Phuket.

After a romantic stroll on the beach Sunday, the Israeli couple went up their room only to find "a huge wave arriving," Yossi Gross told the Maariv newspaper after arriving back in Israel.

He and his wife managed to flee but their belongings, including money and passports, were washed away by the killer wave.

The Khuris lent them the necessary cash to fly back to Israel.

"It's simply an amazing couple. They paid for one hotel night and our plane tickets. It's wonderful," said Yossi Inbar.

Israel's foreign ministry said Wednesday it was still awaiting news from 150 citizens in various Asian countries hit by the quake, which has killed more than 60,000 people so far.

I think this was a big error on HR's part. At the time HR's email was sent out, even the BBC had a large article on the mattter HOURS before the communique went out stating that no outlet evan ran with the story (no excuses for that error - I posted the link to the BBC article on here ages before the email was sent out too!) If journalists weren't anti Israel before this incident, just imagine how they will feel after being bombarded by hundreds of emails shouting "mention Israel!!!". Scary.

This website is about the imbalance of the media towards Israel. Anyone not sympathetic to the cause of the people surrounding the Indian Ocean should have their heads examined. But to not understand why THIS website would wonder why Israel's support in the disaster is not covered (at the time of the report) as well other countries is just silly. ESPECIALLY when another newspaper specifically points a finger at Israel for NOT sending aid.


You seem to miss the point a little. Israel is a TINY country the size of WALES! Israel is one of the first countries to offer and indeed send aid to any disaster zone worldwide and this is simply another example of this. When the IDF demolish a house in Gaza and it makes headlines worldwide you would have thought that for a little bit of ballance Israel would be acknowledged for its humanitarian roles worldwide. If you think the offer of aid is simply some PR stunt then you are very ignorant and naive. Israel does this first and foremost because this is what Israel does but, when the country is being compared to Nazi Germany and its very existence put into question, to attack people for wanting to point out the lack of media attention given to the humanitarian roles this country is involved in is ridiculous.

If I did a good deed I wouldn't be too bothered if nobody thanked me, though it would of course be nice. You don't do good deeds to be thanked. However, if I was painted constantly as a Nazi and my good deeds not only not thanked but not even acknowledged then I'm sorry but I would be a little suspicious of the motives behind those who seek to paint me in a bad light.

Put things into perspective.

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