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Tuesday, October 5 2004

UNRWA's Hamas Employees

A new HonestReporting communique has just been released: 'UNRWA's Hamas Employees'

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We know Peter Hansen as a thoroughly respectable well balanced humane Danish citizen. What he says is true and realistic and your comments on Hamas infestation is also probably true. What does not follow that this is a result of active policy on the part of Hansen or the UN. It is likely the consequences of sampling a Palestinian population containong a large proportion of Hamas supporters.
Like the vast majority of Danes Hansen is a humanist supporter of Israel and not an enemy. Dont let the propaganda machine crush your friends.
We all know you are pushed but reality is somewhere back towards the middle. A self righteous propaganda effort should not be confused with an objective realistic approach to a means of common co-existence.

Very friendly yours

Well, I note your expression "Hamas supporters". We, however, are talking about employing actual Hamas MEMBERS! Peter Hansen said this explicitly in his CBC interview!

Since then, unable to defend himself from the consequences, he's trying to backpeddle, and begins saying "supporters". It's really a little late for this hypocritical reversal. We heard him loud and clear.

Anyway, if he now wishes to pretend it's only Hamas "supporters" he doesn't mind employing, then I really can't wait to see which actions he'll take to avoid hiring actual members of Hamas. Tell me, should I hold my breath?

As to your explanation that "It is likely the consequences of sampling a Palestinian population containong a large proportion of Hamas supporters"

According to that excuse, the UN could happily employ Al-Qaeda members in Pakistan and Afghanistan while explaining that they don't think it is a problem.

Should the UN also employ Al-Qaeda members to teach Muslim children in schools set up and run by the UN? Could the UN then express surprise at the news that these teachers, actually teach Muslims to become terrorists? Could the UN express surprise at the thought that these Al-Qaeda members they employ actually construct bombs in the UN agency's buildings?

Well, replace the term "Al-Qaeda" with Hamas and there you have it!

For that matter, schools and kindergardens would seek to avoid employing confirmed paedophiles. They wouldn't dare say:"sure we employ paedophiles in our schools, its not a problem, we do have strict rules of conduct and I'm sure they can be trusted to keep to them". This would be outrageous!!! It would be similarly devious for some commentator to excuse this by saying "ok, so they employ paedophiles as teachers but that's not a deliberate policy, it's just that they take a cross-section of the population and some people happen to be paedophiles"

The "supporters" excuse doesn't work! Not only did he originally say "members" but also now he does nothing to stop the members from being in the payroll. The "cross section" excuse, as we've seen, simply doesn't work either! Morally, its devoid and empty.

I don't know what your personal opinions are. Perhaps you're anti Hamas. Or perhaps you consider a group that deliberately aim at and routinely blow up crowds of civilians, to be a legitimate group. Perhaps you don't mind the fact that they commit their terrorism in order to destroy Israel. You're entitled to your opinion. So is Peter Hansen.

However, countries like America and Canada are principal financers of UNRWA. They CANNOT allow their money to finance members of terrorist groups! It's even more outrageous when you consider these countries (perhaps unlike yourself or Hansen) actually admit that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and actually have laws to stop their funding!

UNRWA cannot employ members of Hamas and then roll up its eyes and say "We're sure they wouldn't use UNRWA facilities for illegal activity". These people are fanatics. This organisation has a fanatic ideology (read their manifesto). So fanatic, that they strap bombs on people who blow themselves up in order to kill as many civilians as they can! The idea that they can be tristed to just abide by UN rules using UN facilities is ridiculous! It's no surprise to learn of their various terrorist activity carried out under the 'innocent' unseeing eyes of UNRWA!

There is no doubt that Hamas is a popular organisation in the PA. For that matter, people there have a fondness for Al-Qaeda. After September the 11th, they marched and celebrated with posters of Bin Laden. But, popularity has little to do with it. UNRWA doesn't need to go out and arrest Hamas members, but it CANNOT be allowed to employ them! The idea is that the UN is supposed to be neutral (very big joke). UNRWA is supposed to be a humanitarian group. This does not go hand in hand with terrorism!!!

It cannot employ Hamas members as teachers of the young in its schools! It cannot pretend that by doing so, it is not directly teaching terrorism to a new generation. It cannot express surprise at terrorist activity of its members using UNRWA facilities! (and no, I'm not referring to the latest video). It cannot send a message to Palestinians that they (UNRWA) consider Hamas and terrorism to be acceptable! It cannot employ members of groups confirmed to be terrorists by the member states who finance UNRWA.

One last thing, I'll even accept it if UNRWA employs FORMER Hamas members. Just not CURRENT Hamas members!

The sad thing is, that the Hamas gains popular support by providing help to the general Palestinian population (while murdering the Israeli population). UNRWA could show the Palestinians that they do not need to rely on the Hamas to be helped. Instead, UNRWA perpetuates the notion that it's the Hamas which assists the population.

"A self righteous propaganda effort should not be confused with an objective realistic approach to a means of common co-existence."

If you'll consult the manifesto of Hamas, you'll find "co-existence" is not what they're after.

You hit the nail on the head.

Hey David,

Thanks for the laughs - your letter is a true satire of Hansen and Europe's attitude.

very friendly yours,
Jim (thinking of changing it to Sven).

Have to give my support to all the above comments,until
Hamas, Hezbollah, Arafat and cronies start
showing an "objective realistic approach to a means of common existance"
Being European myself, I can assure David that I myself notice very little objectivity let alone "humanist support for Israel" (whatever that is supposed to mean!)over here!

Excellent rebuttal Alvin. I agree 100%.

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