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Monday, May 24 2004

Berkeley Intifada

The East Bay Express has a long article on speech and hatred at UC Berkeley, which was once a great center of openness. Excerpt:

As campus police assembled at the entrance to the hall and prepared to open its doors, a kaffiyeh-clad protester hoisted a placard that read: "What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct." The quote was attributed to Mahatma "Ghandi" in 1938, albeit a decade before there was an Israel. A silver-haired man, older than most in the crowd, burst out of the line to confront him.

"Do you know what it's like to be on a bus, and to see that bus blow up and see heads roll down the street?" the older man shouted, arms wild at his sides. "I've seen it -- in Israel."

The sign-bearer stood firm. "Well, they should have been killed," he yelled, his voice rising. "They should have been killed! They should have been killed because it wasn't their land! They should have been killed and it should have been more."

"You don't know history," the older man yelled. "You don't know anything."

The protester gave as good as he got: "You can leave. Get your ass out of here and back to Israel."

Thoughts on this from David Bernstein:

One thing I've noticed is that the Muslim/Palestinian/Campus Left (an odd alliance, to say the least) has managed to make the words "Zionism" and "Zionist" into epithets, so much so that people don't even know what the word means, they just know it's something bad. More than once I've seen Jewish students quoted as saying things like "I support Israel's right to exist with secure borders as a Jewish state, but I'm not a Zionist."

So let's get things straight: Zionism is the term that describes the movement for a Jewish state in the "Land of Israel"--the area that was once a sovereign Jewish state, but over almost two millenia had been controlled by various other nationalities, including Europeans (Great Britain and also briefly and in part during the Crusades), Mamluks, Romans, Arabs, and Turks. Zionists are those who believe in Zionism.

Nowadays, to say one is a Zionist means nothing more than that one supports the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. One could be a liberal Zionist, who wants Israel to withdraw from the territories and achieve full equality for its Arab citizens, or one can be an illiberal Zionist, and support a vision of "Greater Israel" with a suppressed Arab minority. One can be a secular Zionist, or a religious Zionist. There are Christian Zionists, and even a few Muslim Zionists.

Both full texts are worthwhile.



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That is absolutely pathetic. I have no respect for most protestors for Palestine because all it becomes is an infantile demonstration of yelling and calling people names. Are we children? Is yelling at me and calling me horrible names going to change my mind? Um, no. But thanks for calling me a Zionist bitch.

A zionist is a person who believes that Israel belongs only to JEWS and who prays that G-D will return to Zion which is in the HOLY tempel.The true Zionist longs for the rebuilding of the holy tempel and G-D's holy spirit will dwell in it.

Zionism, at its heart, is fundamentally racist in the same sense that Manifest Destiny was fundamentally racist, and the abuse and masacre of the Aboriginal people of Australia was fundamentally racist. Because of colonialism, the land of Palestine was controlled by many different peoples through the years (Euros, Turks, Romans, etc.). But the people LIVING on the land, exclusively and uninterrupted for almost 2000 years, were the Palestinians and their pre-Palestinian ancestors. Therefore, to paraphrase Ghandi, the creation of a Jewish state, by, for, and of Jews, to the exclusion of Palestinians, on any piece of that land, without Palestinian consent, "...cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct." For White, Western powers (the US and Brittain) to reappropriate more than half of Palestine for White, Western Jews, at the expense of Dark-skinned, Eastern Palestinians who lived on the land by natural right, is nothing more or less than a the last vestage of the racist policies of the "White Man's Burdon" that dominated the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Furthermore, the Zionist dream is not a dream of a nation safe for Jews, but of a nation with a fundamentally Jewish character. At the turn of the last century, Zionists used to say that Palestine was "a land devoid of people." Of course, this was simply false, and a racist lie intended to serve the purpose of Zionism. Millions of Palestinians already lived there. But in order to have a state of Jewish character on land occupied my millions of Dark-skinned Arab Muslims, you need to Ethnically Cleanse the land (empty it) of Palestinians. THIS is why Palestinians are anti-Semetic. Two hundred years ago, they were one of the MOST tollerant peoples in the world when it came to Jews. But when Zionist Jews (as opposed to simply Jews) started showing up in the 1880s, the Palestinians quickly figured out that they had to stop Zionist migration or else they would be forced off their own land and heritage. They failed, and they were. A state of Jewish character on land occupied by a huge number of non-Jews REQUIRES racist and immoral policies, tantamount to Ethnic Cleansing, and Zionism is therefore, by its fundamental nature, IMMORAL and UNACCEPTABLE.

Of course, in the aftermath of the Haulocost, something HAD to be done for the Jews. And here are the MORAL and ETHICAL things that could and should have been done to make right as much as possible the wrongs done to them.

1) America and Brittain should have accepted any and all European Jews wishing to repatriate out of Germany but within the West. Since we are sovereign nations, we could and should have done this. It is only unacceptable for a colonial power to order this upon a dominated people, not for a free people to chose it.

2) We should have created large, thriving Jewish communities in places where the Jews were WANTED. There were many such places, as people opened their hearts at the sight of the Haulocost. The Dominican Republic offered space for hundreds of thousands of Jews, possibly up to a million. Paraguay, Bolivia, and Costa Rica (which, ironically, has an enormous Palestinian immigrant population) all made similar offers for slightly smaller groups of Jews. Had the Jews gone where they were WANTED, instead of where they wanted to GO, the world would be a better place. And Jewish children would not be exploding on busses.

3) If this was not enough, and a Jewish state had to be created, then fine. Kick the Aryan Christians out of a region of Germany (Bavaria is a nice place, for instance), and call it "Israel".

4) If all else fails, and a Jewish state in Palestine was ABSOLUTELY required (which I doubt), then force the Germans (and Japanese, and Italians, etc.) to make the Palestinians a financial offer they could not refuse. Something like this: Palestinians give up half of their land, and agree to get off of it and move to the other half. Every person on the half of the land that becomes the Nation of Palestine gets a chunk of $$$. The ones who are forced to move off of the land being given to the Jews get an even bigger pile of cash. And the government of Palestine gets large anual reparations payments from the German government for 100 years. If the Germans don't like the terms of the peace, then we can continue bombing Berlin until they capitulate. Thus Israel is PURCHASED from the Palestinians instead of being STOLEN without compensation.

As for suicide bombing and terrorism, it's really irrelevant. Terrorism is not evil. It is a tool, and like a hammer, it can be used to build a house or smash in someone's skull. The USER is either good or evil. Michael Collins (founder of the IRA) was a terrorist. He was also a true hero who risked much to free his people. Nelson Mandela spent decades in prison, not for his "beliefs" but for being heavily involved in violent, terrorist activities. And although he didn't get a fair trial, it is not disputed that he was involved in terrorism. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make and omlette. If a few thousand innocent Whites have to die to free MILLIONS of blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe from the BONDAGE of Apartheid, then so be it. If a few thousand innocent Jews have to die to free MILLIONS of Palestinians from the BONDAGE of Zionism, then so be it. Terrorism in the name of your God-given rights can in no way EVER invalidate your underlying claim to your God-given rights. If it did, then Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Bolivia, Israel itself, and yes, even the United States (and many, many more) would be illegitimate countries, because all of these countries committed acts of murder and terrorism agaist civillians supporting their oppressors as an ORGANIZED POLICY in order to gain their independance and sovereignty.

To put it another way, as Ghandi said, "I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regarded as an unwarrantable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds."

At its heart, 9/11 was about this racist wrong of Zionism, perpetrated by the Jews, the Brittish, the UN, and the US (all 4 of which were groups run by White people at the time- the UN, of course, no longer is) against the Dark-skinned Muslims of Palestine. And every time a Palestinan is killed in this unjust policy by a bullet, or a missile, or a helicopter gunship, the instrument of their death literally has "Made in America" written on the side. This is the most underlying and basic reason why virtually all Muslims around the world believe that the US views Dark-skinned Muslims as sub-Human, and THIS is the heart of Ossama bin Laden's power.

We must cut Israel loose, and let them spill their own blood for their own racist policies, rather than supporting them and spilling OUR blood, on our own streets, as the price for participating in their ongoing War of Ethnic Cleansing against the Palestinians.

Zionism must be defeated. A One-State solution is the ONLY stable, long-term answer to the question of large-scale global violence. And the United States must be the Good Shepherd of that solution. The fanatics who align against us cannot be defeated by attrition and force of arms. Their will to continue to fight in the face of enormous casualties is far too great, and ours far too small for us to ever win that way. And their power is sufficiently small that they will never defeat us. So we MUST fix the underlying problems for the violence to ever end. And the single most glaring problem, that must be fixed immediately, is the Israeli-Palestinian situation and the deep injustice of Zionism.

Active advocacy for one democratic state for ALL its people...

Movement for One Democratic Secular State

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