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Wednesday, April 21 2004

BBC rents flat for Vanunu

The Israeli financial paper Globes is reporting (in Hebrew, req. reg.) that the BBC has rented a luxury apartment in Jaffa for Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli atomic spy who is due to be released from prison today. The rent: $4,750 per month. Paid for by British TV viewers.

Globes states:

At this point, it's not clear what BBC is receiving in return for the payment of Vanunu's apartment, but one could assume that BBC will receive a TV interview with him.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Globes is now reporting (at same link) that BBC intended to rent the place for Vanunu, but that Vanunu turned them down after the story hit the press. See BBC's denial of the whole thing in comments below.



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They've been pimping the story on the world service for the past week, they're trying to do what radio stations do with bands: repeat their tracks, bring 'em to town, sell tickets.

Only difference: they deal in weasels, not CDs....

In response to your (Globes) story I contacted the BBC press office who gave the following statement:

The story that the BBC is renting an apartment for Mordechai Vanunu is completely untrue.

If the facts had been checked with the BBC first we could have confirmed to The Globes that he is not receiving any payment or accommodation from the Corporation.

We regret the publication of such an inaccurate report and hope that the assertion will not be repeated.

BBC Press Office

We will monitor this story and hold them to account. Flat or not, I am sure there will be a one-sided interview with the 'famed whistle-blower'

lies from experts in the art of deciet and deviousness

What news staff is BBC sending to cover the new Vanunu trial that begins on April 21, 2005?

We should't be talking about the BBC but rather about Richard Sambrook, director of BBC news, and why he absoutely adores Vanunu.
Sambrook, who is the father of Al Jazeera, and who was more than any other person responsible for the training of its staff, purchase of its equipment (originally for use within the BBC but later for Al Jazeera), finds the following characteristics of Vanunu admirable:
* He hates the Jews
* He hates Israel
* He wants the Arabs to get nuclear weapons
Sambrook sees a mirror reflection of himself in Vanunu, so the attraction is natural.

I heard that the story that the BBC is renting an apartment for Mordechai Vanunu is untrue. But who knows maybe it's just onother try to cover the truth.

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