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Monday, October 27 2003

U of Florida Cartoonist

In today's communique on anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiment on college campuses, we brought this editorial cartoon from Friday's University of Florida campus paper to our subscribers' attention:

Florida's Jewish Student Union apparently protested to the paper over the weekend. This is the cartoon waiting for them this morning:

The cartoonist had the audacity to compare himself to an Auschwitz survivor, and the Jewish Student Union ("JSU" on the tape) to suppressors of free speech.

One of the precious rights of the free world today is freedom of expression. But when the paper of a large public university (48,000 students) is used to spread hatred and lies, a concerned public must respond and demand the record be set straight. That's democracy.

A journalism lesson for the young editorial cartoonist: Nobody ever challenged your legal right to express your opinion. But when you resuscitated the canard that the Jewish people killed Jesus, and paralleled pro-Israel activism with with Nazism, you used your position of influence to spread dangerous lies. Don't cower behind the First Ammendment -- go to the library, study Jewish history, and submit a public apology.

Comments to:

UPDATE: The paper's opinions editor and editor-in-chief have posted responses.



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Probably a product of youthful ignorance more than anything, but disturbing (and yes, dangerous) nonetheless.

Very childish indeed. I could kind of understand what was being attempted -- ham-handed though it was -- in the first cartoon, but the latter one (comparing the artist to a Holocaust survivor) was beyond putrid.

My reading of the cartoon is slightly different: on the left-hand side a 'Palestinian' expresses his emotions by saying "We hate you" to a 'Jew'. The 'Jew' retorts with the usual debate-silencing cop-out "Ehh, so did Hitler", implying that the 'Palestinian' is on a par with one of the worst mass murderers the world has seen.
On the right-hand side a 'Jew' expresses his emotions by saying "We hate you" to a 'Palestinian'. The 'Palestinian' retorts with an ugly "Same way you hated Jesus", implying that the 'Jew' hates people who are really shining examples of virtue.
Both "hate you's" are stupid, but the responses are stupider still. THIS is what the artist was trying to demonstrate: that the usual retorts to either sides' anger are mostly bullshit, designed not to engage the other in debate but to silence them with unfounded allegations.
It's funny, therefore, that the Jewish Student Union immediately branded this cartoon racist - a time-proven tactic for silencing your opponent.

Delusions of grandeur coupled with overt racism. Definitely something a college and its employees should stand behind 100%. Bear with me for a moment, I wonder if the same vapid editor who declares herself a champion of "free speech" would be so gung-ho if the cartoon in question showed Islamic terrorists planning to murder innocent children, chanting a rousing chorus of "We hate Jewish babies!"? I didn't think so.

"LGF Watch", indeed. Anti-Semitism on behalf of Islamic terrorists never fails to bring out the moonbats.

What the Gator opinion editor wrote about that cartoon:

"As a Jewish student, I don’t always agree with specific actions of Gators for Israel, a group that is a part of JSU, though I usually agree with their goals. I support an Israeli state, but I do not support the actions of groups that promote stereotypes and would rather make feeble attacks at the other group than address the issues...The problems in the region move further from solutions with each generation that refuses to try to find common ground."

The blurb about her says:

Laura Merritt is the Opinions editor of the Alligator. She is a political science and journalism senior.

She sounds like a sincere, well-meaning, concerned young Jew who would like to have peace and assumes that among the Arabs there must be many young people like herself, sincere, well-meaning, peace-loving and so on.

What is wrong with the cartoon is the moral equivalence implied: "Both sides say..." "Both sides behave..."

As she matures she will discover that there is no such beast as "both sides." You might as well talk about police and criminals trying to find common ground. One side has a large number of peace-loving, kind-hearted, open, generous, sincere young people. The other side does not. The Arab counterparts to Laura Meritt do not exist.

She has the classic Jewish heart, the Jewish neshama. Jews since time immemorial have been known for their kindness and goodness. Two thousand years ago the Talmud said that Jews are "merciful, modest, kind."

When there are large numbers of idealistic Arab youngsters who parallel our kind and good-hearted Jewish young people, there will be peace. Right now the Arab counterpart to Laura Merritt does not exist. When she finds that out for herself--and she will, in the course of time--she will learn that the war between the Jews and the Arabs is not the Jews' fault; and that the war between the "Palestinians" and the Israelis is not a localized conflict, but a world-wide war between Jew-haters and Jews.

"But when the resources of a large public university are used to spread hatred and lies, a concerned public must respond and demand the record be set straight."

The Florida Alligator is independent and is not funded by the university.

Ken, thanks for the correction.

When is the Florida Alligator going to publish a cartoon showing a black man complaining about slavery and showing a white man telling him he belongs back in chains?

"The Arab counterparts to Laura Meritt do not exist."

Take a look at


Mosque sermons preach that Jews are "Pigs and Apes", subhumans worthy of slaughter. Palestinian documents and public statments (The PLO Covenant, the PLO Phased Plan, the HAMAS Covenant and more) all call for the slaughter of Jews and the elimination of the the State of Israel.

Palestinian terrorists and their supporters do hate Jews in exactly the same way Hitler and the Nazis did.

A few Jewish Roman collaboraters turned Jesus over to be crucified by the Romans, in order to placate the Romans and protect their priviledged positions with the Romans.

In spite of the fact that the overwhelming number of Jews have never accepted Jesus as the Messiah, Jews do not, and never did, hate Jesus.

I find the fact a University Newspaper would print the very libel used to slaughter, imprision and oppress Jews through the centuries to be frightening, abhorent and appalling.

I can only hope you realize how what you've done has placed Jews at the Univeristy of Florida, and elsewhere, at greater risk of anti-Semitic attacks and violence.

If the editorial staff of The Alligator has even the remotest shred of decency, you will repuciate and condemn this slander, before even more anti-Semites attack still more Jews.

Michael Sweeney

Sir, Winston Churchill once said that he refuses to be impartial between the fireman and the fire.

The Florida Alligator, on the other hand, has chosen to be impartial between those who deliberately target and murder civilans and the dead civilians.


This editorial cartoon gives the cartoonist the thrill of power enjoyed by the likes of the Der Sturmer cartoonists that propogandized for the Nazis and Julius Streicker. It is the cheap thrill of power gained by exercising oppression of a minority in favor of a majority. What they are really displaying is their belief in paganism over the Christian-Judeo ethic which is what has led to the individual rights that fuel democratic society and justice. It may feel good to abandon western civilization for the smell of brimstone of pagan worship, but it is collective suicide and something that these smartasses havent the vaguest clue about. Talk about a poor education. Food for the Gators is what this cartoonist amounts too. After digestion.

The first one was hamfisted, but I see that he was trying to say. I have seen and heard too much blame being assigned to entire races for the actions of some to accept it quietly from Arab _or_ Jew (and yes, I have heard plenty from both).

Moral equvalence it not the issue, the fact that 'The difference between Bad and Worse is not Good' is.

The second one was a bit narcessisstic, comparing editors and student outrage to the Nazi regiem is closing in on terminal egomania.


I found it amusing that the cartoonist depicted the "Palestinians" as having any concern for Jesus. Since the town of Bethlehem came under control of Palestinian Authority, its Christian Arab community (one of the most ancient in the world) has diminished by almost 50% because of the relentless intimidation and harassment by the Islamo-centrist militias affiliated with the PA. The same story repeats itself in every city, town and village under Palestinian Authority control. Aparently, the Palestinian vision of the new State of Palestine is not only that of 'ethnically pure", i.e. 'Judenrein", but also that of an exclusively Islamic one.

The "Gator" cartoon was just another sad demonstration of how poorly the American public is informed of the real state of affairs in the Middle East.


The Israelis dont hate the Palestinians as depicted in the cartoon. The Jews dont hate any other group, except maybe their own people. As the "chosen people" the Jews have a higher standard for behavior and so despise the palestinian denigration of human potential and civilized behavior, not their capacity as people to rise above their limitations inflicted by their terrorist leadership. Even today, Israelis appreciate aspects of Palestinian culture that reflect better on them, than this Hitlerian anti-semitic genocidal hatred for the Jews that excuses them from facing up to their own failings and limitations.

They're being silenced by:
their own ignorance,
anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic propaganda,
and the campus atmosphere--NOT BY OTHER JEWS.
I know all too well what I can and can't say on campus.

The sequence in this not-so-humorous cartoon is essential to note. The Palestinian points a finger to provoke opening the wound to vulnerability, the pain of which is then masked by some proverbial response of Jewish humor, yet still and all historically true. Hitler clearly hated them. Next in the cartoon, the Israeli declares a like blow of hatred in defense, yet pointing also to provoke, to which the Palestinian retorts with a serpentinely distorted idea of history, one also widely proclaimed by Hitler, and thereby in some strange or not so strange fashion seeming to compare Hitler, a type of anti-messiah, with Jesus. Aren't the campus Christians outraged as well?

lgf -- i looked at quite a few of the "palestine" cartoons at How is it that this guy is an arab counterpart to merritt? meritt is a zionist jew critical of what she sees as militant, radical, hateful, zionists. this bendid fellow should feel the same way about militant, radical, hateful arabs. but does he? i saw no cartoons critical of any arabs, only of zionists and jews. you are not making your case very well! try again!

I believed a discrimination is started within ourselves.
" As the Principle,IF you wanna fight,pls pick your own size"$%^&*()_? we do that?....

Religious's/Ethnic's Profiling is easier than to eliminate the discrimination is self.
or to eliminate somebody,who is allegedly supported to keep a illegal arms(WMD)rather than to kill/eliminate the REAL terrorist it self.

a politic is tricky/dirty as a game,as "newton's law says...
"There is an action,There is a re-action"
question? Can we apply into this a law or not?..

By having the Arab claim that the Jews killed Jesus, Marlette was simply demonstrating how ignorant and ridiculous Arab rhetoric can get - nothing more. It's funny how some of you immediately want to yell "ANTI-SEMETIC!" Or then again, maybe it's not so funny. In any case, it's interesting to see how fast Jews jump on anything that seems less than flattering.

Dude. Seriously.

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